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13 April, Thursday
Start at: 18:30
Address: Fashion Museum Cafe
Grēcinieku iela 24, LV-1050
22 April, Saturday
Start at: 10:30
Address: Talent Garden Vienna
Liechtensteinstraße 111/115
27 April, Thursday
Start at: 18:00
Address: Talent Garden Barcelona
Carrer Ramón Turró 169A

Essential Facts

  • Pioneering Approach
    We alternate 2-month interactive online studies with 3-week on-site sessions held at Chateau Le Sallay in Burgundy, France. Our approach blends the flexibility of remote learning and the emotional connection of in-person instruction.
  • Rigorous Curriculum
    Our curriculum goes beyond the standardized approach. Maths and sciences are taught at an advanced level. Humanities disciplines are combined to give students a deeper knowledge of complex subjects.
  • Personalised Learning
    With a 5:1 student-teacher ratio and customized learning plans, we accommodate a wide range of learning needs, including gifted learners and those who need additional support.
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
    At Le Sallay schools, 100% of instructors hold advanced degrees in their fields. Teachers work closely with academic staff, counselors and psychologists to ensure the best learning outcomes.
  • International Identity
    We are proud of our international identity. Our curriculum focuses on world history, literature, and science. A visiting scholars program exposes our students to unique perspectives.
  • Perfect for Expats and Travelers
    We have been recognized for providing outstanding support to relocating families. We ensure continuity of learning for those students who frequently move countries or change schools.
Students who are not being served well in a traditional school environment
Our academically rigorous program is tailored to your child's needs to help them discover – or rediscover– their love of learning.

Gifted and high-ability students
We do not set a limit on what a child should learn in school. We provide an extended curriculum to challenge students who are exceptionally able in their areas of strength while making sure that they are also growing in learning in other areas as well.

Students with diverse learning needs
Gifted students, as well as twice-exceptional and neuro-divergent children, are often insufficiently supported within a traditional school setting. Our approach includes differentiated study plans and the support of certified educators and psychologists.

Relocating families
Wherever your family is, your child can continue their studies with us. We work with families to ensure that students are fully prepared to transition to the high school of their choice.

What kind of student thrives at Le Sallay?